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We are a leading manufacturer of single-use medical products

With 40 years experience, we make high quality single-use barriers for healthcare and dental applications. We can tailor-make our products for your need.

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Efficient manufacturing in Sweden

With our innovative and efficient production facility in Sweden, we control the manufacturing process in its’ entirety. Minitube is committed to continuously improve our processes for the highest quality output and lowest production cost.

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Focus on patient comfort and safety

With 40 years experience we have developed the highest quality standards and a deep understanding of patient safety and comfort.

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Wide product assortment

We specialize in single-use barriers with a wide assortment of standard products and a unique ability to tailor-make customized products.We work with some of the leading OEMs in the healthcare industry.

Minitube Medical product catalog

Our standard assortment consists of products for hospitals and dentists in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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We can tailor make all our products, please contact us or read more here.

Request the Minitube Medical kit with samples

We would be happy to send you samples of products from our standard assortment. Please fill out the form below and submit. Keep in mind that all products can be tailor made for your needs.

Please note that samples are not for resale or for human use. Local regulations and restrictions apply.

We can tailor make all our products, please contact us or read more here.