We manufacture single-use barriers to cover medical and dental instruments

Our single-use barriers are made to fit the instruments perfectly while providing an effective and convenient protection of medical instruments. Our products reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infectious disease for medical professionals and patients.

Examples of our products:

  • Thermometer covers
  • Endoscope covers
  • Dental x-ray sensor covers
  • Intra-oral camera covers
  • Syringe covers
  • PSP plate covers

Our products are designed for a perfect fit

We relentlessly work to find the perfect fit with any medical or dental instrument. When designing our products, we consider not only the shape and size of the instrument, but also the application and removal of the cover. The design process also covers the practical use of the instrument in the clinic, including risk assessment of the product.

Complete customization

We provide our customers with the option to fully customize and design products, packaging and labelling. We make customized products for a large range of world-leading corporations in the medical and dental fields. We tailor make barriers and covers for a large range of instruments and devices. We offer a wide range of packaging alternatives.

Minitube Medical product package manufacturing

Efficient manufacturing in Sweden

We have produced single-use barriers for more than 40 years. All of our production equipment is developed, produced and maintaned by oursleves. Our production is highly automated, and we constantly work to improve production efficiency to provide cost-efficient products. The production fulfils US GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Minitube staff inspecting single-use barriers

Consistent manufacturing quality

Our manufacturing of Medical Devices is certified according to ISO 13485. All our processes are designed to minimize risk, and we are proud to post a consistent quality record year after year. Our staff is experienced and well trained in quality assurance.

Minitube Medical staff looking into camera smiling

Experienced, hard-working staff

We are incredibly proud of all our staff, whose experience, loyalty and attitude makes us perform our best, learn and improve.

Minitube medicals happy costumer

Ensuring the comfort of the patient

Our products are made with patient comfort in mind. The design of the cover, and choice of materials, is made to ensure a pleasant patient experience. This means the seams and edges are soft, and the materials are taste and odor free. With more than 40 years’ experience, we have developed outstanding materials and manufacturing processes to provide the best customer experience.