About Minitube

Minitube AB was founded in 1977 in Trångsviken in northern Sweden, where the company is still based. In the early years our production was focused on thermometer sheaths. Over the years the product range has expanded to cover a wide range of single-use barriers for medical and dental applications. The Minitube Group also has products for the forest industry as well as cash packaging.

In addition to our factory in Sweden, Minitube also has a manufacturing site in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and we are represented in several countries around the world. We currently sell our medical products in more than 40 countries. We export our products to all continents.

The manufacturing process for our products contains a high level of engineering and we work continuously with new innovations. Our manufacturing is highly automated which gives us a competitive edge in an international world.

Bengt Myhrman

Bengt Myhrman, Managing Director, co-owner

Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced staff, and our control over the manufacturing process, we can offer products of the highest quality, with short delivery times and at low cost. We are proud of our products and maintain a strict focus on quality assurance.

The company is privately owned.

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